What to Expect at Your Social Security Disability Hearing


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What to Expect at Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Published on September 16th, 2021 by Eric Slepian

We understand that social security disability hearings can be nerve wracking. You want to be as prepared and informed as possible before stepping into the courtroom; that’s why Slepian Elexson, PLLC is here to help. While we will help give you the best possible chances of winning benefits and guide you through the process, it’s still helpful to know what to expect the day of your hearing.

The Claimant Will be Questioned

As the individual requesting social security disability benefits, you are known as the claimant. The judge will explain the facts of your application and ask you several questions regarding your disability, treatments, employment history, and how your condition prohibits you from working. This part of the process is not meant to interrogate or intimidate you, but is simply about the judge getting all the facts straight so they can make an informed decision.

Your Attorney May Speak on Your Behalf

Having a skilled, hard-hitting attorney by your side for the process is vital for this step in the hearing process. After giving your testimony, your representative will be able to speak on your behalf, and your skilled Slepian attorney counts as your representative. By knowing your case, limitations, and medical condition, they will be able to vouch for you and further testify why your condition leaves you unable to work and provide fully for yourself.

After the Hearing

After the hearing is concluded, it will typically take around 3-4 weeks to get a letter from the Administrative Law Judge with a decision. The hearing office mails you as well as your lawyer a decision. If you are denied benefits, you may then go through the appeals process.

Sometimes, something known as a “bench decision” may happen at the hearing, which is when the judge tells you their verdict on the spot. If this does happen, you still need to wait for the written decision before receiving benefits. However, typically, the decision is made several weeks after.

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At Slepian Ellexson, PLLC, we take the time to work with each client individually to understand their unique needs and disability circumstances. We will fight for your rights and give you the best possible shot at winning the benefits you deserve. Don’t go into your court hearing alone, whether it’s your first time or if it’s an appeal. For a trustworthy Social Security disability attorney by Tucson, AZ, call today for a consultation.

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