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September 2019 Archives

Studies look at link between depression and chronic health issues

According to the federal government’s Census Bureau, the percentage of Arizona’s population with Asian heritage is on the rise, accounting for nearly four percent of our state’s residents. We also have a higher than average percentage of older folks in the Grand Canyon State, accounting for 17.5 percent of our population (the national average is 14.9 percent).

Alzheimer’s disease can be disabling and a basis for SSDI eligibility

September is World Alzheimer’s Month, meant to lessen stigma and increase public education about the challenging diagnosis. Alzheimer’s Disease International, referred to as ADI, created the month dedicated to this noble cause in 2012.

Four disorders added to the SSA’s Compassionate Allowances list

It is no secret that it can take months and even years for approval of Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income claims. Both of these government benefit programs require that the applicant meet the federal definition of disability and it is this question that often takes so long to answer.