What Is A CE And How Can It Affect My Claim?


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What is a CE and how can it affect my claim?

Published on September 19th, 2018 by Eric Slepian

Social Security Disability examiners generally like to have 12 months worth of medical treatment history from a treating physician when they make a determination. Unfortunately, disability applicants may not have the luxury of affording medical treatment, which means they do not have enough medical evidence for disability determination with the usual protocol.

These examiners will sometimes base their decisions on recent care or they may use a special consultative examination (CE) for neurological, orthopedic or other treatment. A CE helps them to better evaluate the evidence they already have on file or to accurately recognize a disabling or severe condition.

Not a diagnostic tool for further medical care

A CE is a straightforward information-gathering examination. It is not used to determine a course of treatment. Some may even regard these examinations in the category of “something is better than nothing.” According to information on the Social Security website, a CE is not likely to help your cause if you are hoping to have a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income approved.

Regular medical treatment is a better alternative

Therefore, it is best to work with a physician who is familiar with your condition and can provide information about treatment and medications as well as your response to this medical care. Medical staff can offer educated opinions on the probability of medical treatment resolving all, some or none of your injury or disability.

An attorney with experience in Social Security claims can also help, first by assisting injured clients in preparing their claim applications and then working with them if an appeal is necessary. There are no guarantees, but it is often in the best interests of the claimant to draw upon the experience that such an attorney can provide.

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