What Applicants Can Expect Fom Disability Benefits


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What applicants can expect from disability benefits

Published on December 18th, 2017 by Eric Slepian

Suffering a disabling injury or illness can turn your world upside down. You may be dealing with considerable pain, frustrating limitations and the need for ongoing assistance. It can also strain relationships and cause financial anxiety.

In this environment, the questions and challenges can prove to be overwhelming. As such, having some idea of what to expect from your disability benefits can be a great relief. In this post, we will examine a few elements of Social Security Disability benefits and what you can expect if you are eligible to collect them.

How much recipients collect

The amount you collect through SSDI will depend on factors like your earnings history and Social Security contributions. The exact amount varies from person to person, but as noted in this Investopedia article on disability benefits, $1,171 is the average monthly payment.

Your family members may also be eligible to collect benefits, but there are limits to family benefits. An individual family member’s benefits cannot be more than 50 percent of your rate, and households cannot receive more than 180 percent of your benefit.

When benefits will arrive

Once approved for benefits, you can expect to receive them from the sixth full month after the beginning of your disability. Payments are made in the month after they are due, as noted on the Social Security Administration website, though you may not receive your first check or back pay sums for weeks or months after approval.

How long benefits will last

You should continue to receive disability benefits as long as you are disabled and unable to work in a substantial capacity. However, if you get better or go back to work, your benefits may stop.

Understand that these are broad, basic guidelines regarding payment of disability benefits. Every case is different and should be handled on an individual basis. However, having an idea of what you can expect can help you anticipate your options and appreciate the importance of these benefits.

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