Pain, Fatigue And Other Difficult-To-Measure Disabling Conditions


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Pain, fatigue and other difficult-to-measure disabling conditions

Published on February 22nd, 2018 by Eric Slepian

Millions of people suffer from conditions like chronic pain, fatigue and depression. For some people, these conditions are frustrating; for others, they are disabling. Due to the difficulty in assessing symptoms and broad misunderstandings about their impact on individuals, sufferers might automatically assume they do not qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

However, that is not necessarily the case. If you suffer from any of the conditions we discuss below, it can be crucial that you consult an attorney to determine whether you do, in fact, qualify for benefits.

Anxiety or Depression

Anxiety and depression can be overwhelming for some sufferers. They may be unable to leave the house or find it impossible to concentrate. When these conditions are pervasive and severe, they can be disabling.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Too many people assume that chronic fatigue is the same as being sleepy all the time. However, the Mayo Clinic describes chronic fatigue as extreme fatigue that does not improve with rest. There is no known cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, but it can result in memory loss, headaches and extreme exhaustion. This disorder is difficult to treat and can be disabling.

Chronic Pain

Experiencing persistent pain for months or years can be enormously upsetting, especially when there is no effective treatment. This chronic pain can stem from other serious conditions like a severe illness or injury and may never go away. As bad as the pain may be, it can also lead to other conditions like depression. Alone or combined with other illnesses, chronic pain can be disabling.

Making your case when your condition is disabling

Too often, people use these conditions to describe acute or short-lived, treatable conditions. This facilitates misunderstandings of these serious illnesses and can make it difficult for people who experience them to get an accurate diagnosis and attention.

Because of this, it can be a challenge to build a claim for SSDI if you experience anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue or chronic pain. If you feel that you need assitance a Social Security disability attorney is the best person for you to contact.

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