Lupus And The Many Challenges Of Its Symptoms


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Lupus and the many challenges of its symptoms

Published on April 6th, 2018 by Eric Slepian

Every serious health problem has the potential to dramatically affect a person’s life, relationships and abilities. If a person has multiple conditions that cause a wider array of symptoms, it can be even more difficult to manage their impact.

For instance, a person with systemic lupus erythematosus might struggle with several difficult illnesses and conditions because the immune system isn’t working as it should be.

What is lupus?

As noted in this article from the Mayo Clinic, lupus is a serious autoimmune illness that creates numerous health problems for sufferers. The disease can attack multiple body systems, causing wide-ranging symptoms that may not be treatable with a single, targeted approach.

For instance, a person with lupus might experience serious skin rashes, joint pain and/or seizures. Each of these symptoms will likely require different medications, and the treatments may not always work well together. They could have serious side effects or reduce the efficacy of other medications, which could create additional complications.

Why is it so hard to treat?

There is no known cause of lupus and currently no cure. There is no single test to confirm or rule out a lupus diagnosis. The symptoms – like fatigue and chronic pain – can mimic other conditions. These factors make it very difficult to treat lupus.

Is lupus a disabling condition?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Between the complexities of this illness and the challenges of balancing therapies and medications, lupus can leave some patients disabled. Symptoms could be expected to last indefinitely, and even if it is possible to control one condition caused by lupus, others could persist.

However, the Social Security Disability system is incredibly complicated, and determining whether a person qualifies for benefits requires careful consideration and a thorough investigation of the specific situation. Discussing your case with an attorney who understands this system can therefore be critical.

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