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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Disability Benefits

Published on October 9th, 2021 by Eric Slepian

Carpal tunnel Syndrome, or CTS, is a condition that leads to tingling, numbness, or weakness in the hands. It’s caused by pressure on what’s known as the median nerve, which goes through a passage in your hand known as the carpal tunnel. While symptom experience varies, it can be rather debilitating for some.

Causes and Risk Factors

CTS can stem from other conditions such as obesity, arthritis, or diabetes. It also happens if you perform constant, repetitive motions with your hand and/or wrist. Women are much more likely to be diagnosed with it, most likely because they have smaller carpal tunnels. Having a fractured or dislocated wrist also puts you at a higher risk. If you have a job or hobby where you make the same motions with your hand or arm, you’re also more likely to get it.

Why Are Cases on the Rise?

CTS can be acquired by repetitive motions on the keyboard, phone, laptop, tablet, or other electronic devices. With a rise in usage of electronics, this syndrome is being more commonly recognized and diagnosed.

How You Can Get Benefits

It’s more on the difficult side to qualify for Social Security disability benefits for carpal tunnel syndrome, as it typically isn’t entirely disabling. However, if you work with the right lawyer, and meet the criteria, it certainly is possible to be awarded disability benefits.

Impairment Qualification

You must first be able to prove that having carpal tunnel severely impairs you. While there is no specific carpal tunnel impairment listing, it may fall under peripheral neuropathy or under a soft tissue injury. If your diagnosis comes as a result of a bigger disease that has a listing, such as diabetes, it may be filed under that.

Medical Evidence

The diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome is not as straightforward as other qualifying conditions. You must go through several physical qualifying tests on behalf of your doctor and receive a formal diagnosis.

Inability to Work for at Least Year, Keep Your Current Job, or Acquire a New Relevant Job

After receiving a formal diagnosis and having the medical evidence to prove it, you must also show that the diagnosis prevents you from working. If your CTS is serious enough, this may be the case. The social security administration will analyze your physical limitations, such as your inability to type, write, hold things, or carry things.

You may be unable to do basic tasks that were needed for your previous job, such as using a computer or cash register, carrying items, filing paperwork, dialing on a phone, or other necessary fine motor skills. If it’s deemed that your CTS is severe enough from letting you continue on the job you’ve been holding or get a new job, you will most likely meet this qualification.

Working With the Right Team

Carpal tunnel is a very real debilitating condition, yet it’s very hard to receive disability benefits for it. We understand the frustration in trying to prove yourself to the courts, and can help you put together a convincing as possible case. For a Social Security disability attorney by Glendale, AZ, that will fight for you and support you, contact us today.

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