Filing For SSI And SSDI In Scottsdale, AZ

Filing for SSI and SSDI in Scottsdale, AZ

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When you are suffering from a physical or mental disability that prevents you from going to work – or even functioning in a normal manner – you may have no option other than to apply for Social Security disability in Scottsdale, AZ. While millions of Americans are entitled to these benefits, many fail to obtain the benefits they need and deserve.

Having an attorney on your side is a simple step you can take to improve your chances of securing the benefits you’re entitled to. Our compassionate legal team at Slepian Smith Ellexson, PLLC takes pride in working closely with each of our valued clients. We know that every individual case is different, and we spend time getting to know our clients on a personal level. This in-depth understanding of your situation provides us with the knowledge we need to argue your right to SSI or SSDI eligibility in Scottsdale, AZ.

Scottsdale, AZ Disability Lawyers

The founder of our law firm, Steven D. Slepian, has been working with and fighting for those individuals in need of disability benefits since 1978. Our team will help take the stress out of the process of filing for Social Security disability in Scottsdale, AZ. We will be with you every step of the way – from filing your initial claim to assisting you in collecting the medical evidence needed to prove your disability. Remember, we never charge any fees until your case is settled.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Even though being disabled by a debilitating illness or injury should allow you to collect disability benefits, there are millions of people who are denied these benefits. The fact is, many people are denied benefits the first time they try to obtain them, which discourages many from trying to navigate the appeals process on their own. Additionally, the entire disability claims process is detail-oriented and inherently designed to be tedious. Fraught with the potential for mistakes, taking on this process alone can be frustrating and intimidating.

Our dedicated legal team can help you through the process, beginning with your first attempt at receiving benefits. When you are suffering from any form of disability, even simple tasks like organizing the proper paperwork can be exhausting and overwhelming.

We Also Represent Those Who Have Been Denied

Don’t let frustration and disappointment stop you from receiving the benefits you deserve. If you have had your claim denied, reach out to us. Our team understands the necessary steps to help increase your chances of obtaining benefits following a denial.

If you have had your benefits denied, or you are getting ready to file for the first time, our team of compassionate disability lawyers is here to help. Whether you hail from Scottsdale, or another area in Arizona, we will be happy to provide you with a free consultation to learn about your situation. Give us a call today at 602-266-3111 to start the process.

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