Steps You Can Take To Strengthen Your Medical Evidence


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Steps you can take to strengthen your medical evidence

Published on January 11th, 2018 by Eric Slepian

Medical evidence is one of the primary factors the Social Security Administration (SSA) considers when assessing a person’s application for disability benefits. As such, it is vital that applicants provide as much relevant medical evidence as possible.

With this in mind, you can take a few important steps to ensure that the medical evidence you present is thorough, accurate and persuasive.

Visit your doctor regularly

If you never visit the doctor or you do so only when your condition is especially bad, it can appear as though you are able to manage your condition or are not overly concerned about it. Visiting your doctor regularly and as recommended is a fairly simple way to illustrate the severity of your condition and your care needs.

You will also want to be specific and honest every time you visit your doctor, as the information you give will be reflected in your records. Don’t minimize your symptoms or assume that the doctor knows what they are.

Retain copies of relevant paperwork

Be sure to keep copies of prescriptions, notes from your doctor’s appointments, receipts for travel expenses related to your care and other relevant information. Doing so ensures that this information is not overlooked or missing from your application.

Do not rely on evidence from unacceptable sources

SSA requirements specify that the evidence presented in an application for benefits come from acceptable medical sources. This includes licensed physicians, psychologists, optometrists, speech pathologists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Evidence from other sources may not be sufficient or acceptable.

Get help connecting the dots

Individual records of medical care do not always paint an accurate picture with regard to the severity of your condition, especially when you see multiple doctors. Because of this, applicants often benefit from working with a Social Security Disability attorney who can connect the dots between medical care and the SSA to present complicated medical evidence in an effective manner.

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