How Blood Disorders Can Affect A Person’s Life


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How blood disorders can affect a person’s life

Published on August 9th, 2018 by Eric Slepian

Hematological disorders, or disorders that affect a person’s blood, are among the many disorders that can drastically alter a person’s life. After a diagnosis of anemia, hemophilia or another disorder, a person typically needs to make important adjustments to his or her life to stay safe.

Below, we examine some of these changes and discuss resources that may be available to help people with these serious conditions.

Making changes

People with blood disorders must be diligent in monitoring their health, seeking medical treatment and making lifestyle changes. While people born with certain blood disorders may be used to these precautions and tasks, people who experience symptoms and are diagnosed as adults likely must adjust to a new normal.

In terms of medical care, this can mean:

  • Regularly visiting the doctor
  • Taking medication
  • Undergoing bone marrow transplants or blood transfusions
  • Undergoing surgery

Lifestyle changes can be necessary as well. For instance, people with blood disorders often must:

  • Closely monitor their diet
  • Take B-12 shots
  • Avoid any situations in which they can be cut, bruised or involved in a collision
  • Adjust exercise routines
  • Stop using drugs, tobacco and excessive alcohol

People with blood disorders may also need to stop working if their condition is severe and is expected to last at least a year. Between frequent hospitalizations and the limitations on a person’s lifestyle, there may be no way a person with a severe hematological disorder can do work he or she has done before.

Resources may be available

In these situations, disability benefits may be an option. However, Social Security is a complex and overwhelmed system, which means it can be exceedingly difficult to navigate smoothly. Because of this, speaking to an attorney about your case and your legal options can be important if you wish to avoid complications and costly delays.

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