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Understanding musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders

In a recent post, we discussed the fact that musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders are the most common reasons people collect Social Security Disability benefits, according to recent statistics.

What happens if carpal tunnel syndrome becomes disabling?

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects millions of Americans. This uncomfortable - and sometimes disabling - condition can be especially common among women, people who work on an assembly line or people who perform data entry, though it can affect any adult.

Pain, fatigue and other difficult-to-measure disabling conditions

Millions of people suffer from conditions like chronic pain, fatigue and depression. For some people, these conditions are frustrating; for others, they are disabling. Due to the difficulty in assessing symptoms and broad misunderstandings about their impact on individuals, sufferers might automatically assume they do not qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

What you should know about SSDI retroactive payments, back pay

It is an unfortunate fact that people who apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI) can spend months and sometimes years waiting for a ruling on their applications. There is a massive backlog of applications, and many people ultimately must also navigate the appeal process.

My SSI application was denied. What options do I have?

On this blog, we have examined the many challenges and frustrations people often encounter when applying for benefits like Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Unfortunately, many people have valid applications denied initially.