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Why you should always see a doctor

Making a doctor's appointments for every little ailment can seem tedious and unnecessary, but for those who are seeking Social Security Disability, a history of visits can be the difference between application approval and denial. In the event you become unable to work due to an injury or illness, you will need medical records stating that you have a condition that impairs you.

However, not all aliments come with a clear diagnosis. If this is the case, medical records are just as - if not more - important than if the condition were diagnosable.

Medical history informs disability applications

In their application, the Social Security Administration requests the name, address and phone number of someone they can contact about your condition, as well as detailed information about it. Federal law requires a strict definition of disability, and these details will determine whether the application will be approved or denied.

This does not mean your ailment must come with a clear diagnosis. If you have an established history with a medical professional who has seen you for this issue many times and can speak to its debilitating nature, this can strengthen a disability claim that may otherwise have the potential to be denied.

If you are experiencing any sort of impairment that is inhibiting your ability to work or could progress in such a way that it keeps you from working, seeing a doctor will establish a medical history about that issue that could prove useful in the future. It may be time consuming now, but it may be beneficial in the long term.

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