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Why is it challenging to pursue benefits for back pain?

Back pain is one of the most common conditions people experience, and there is no one cause of this type of condition. It can affect people who get into car accidents, people who suffer sports injuries and people with medical disorders that affect their bones or joints.

There is no one type of back pain, either. The pain can be chronic or fleeting, intense or dull. It could be limited to a specific spot or radiate throughout a person’s body.

The fact that so many people suffer from a condition with so many causes and symptoms can make it difficult to assess the options for help that may be available, including options for seeking disability benefits.

For instance, if you have had back pain intermittently for months or years, it can be difficult to know when exactly it started or when it might flare up. You might see numerous doctors and try several remedies to alleviate the symptoms. If your pain seemed minor at first, but has gotten worse over time, you may not know where that line is between painful and disabling.

In other words, the road to recovery for back pain is often not a straight – or defined – line.

As such, building a claim for disability benefits can be difficult because of the reasons mentioned above: You may not know the cause, the symptoms may come and go, and you may have seen countless doctors in an effort to seek treatment.

This information will be crucial in an application seeking disability benefits because it helps the Social Security Administration make a ruling on the extent and impact of your condition.

Because of these challenges in collecting this information, consulting an attorney can be a wise decision. Not only can an attorney help you understand the eligibility requirements and legal process of applying for disability benefits if you qualify, but he or she can also talk to your doctors and track down documentation to support your claim.

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