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Multiple sclerosis: The far-reaching impact of this illness

Anyone who struggles with a disabling condition knows that it can affect every aspect of his or her life. Multiple sclerosis is one such condition that can change everything about a person's life.

There are four types of MS, which means that not everyone will have the same symptoms or the same prognosis. It is also unpredictable, meaning it is all but impossible to know how the illness will affect an individual. That being said, there are common ways that MS - and many other potentially disabling conditions - changes a person's life.

  • Physical impact -- People with MS can suffer pain, reduced mobility, severe fatigue and vision problems. Some people become paralyzed. They may require powerful medication, a wheelchair, physical therapy or in-home assistance.
  • Emotional impact - Because it is unpredictable and potentially disabling, people with MS can experience high levels of stress, fear and anxiety; they may also lose sleep and become depressed.
  • Social and personal impact -- Engaging in social situations can become a challenge for people who are depressed or adjusting to limited mobility. They can also experience immense strain on personal relationships as they and their loved ones cope with the serious illness.
  • Professional and financial impact -- When MS symptoms are severe, a person may be unable to get to work, focus or use his or her legs or arms. It could be impossible to keep working, which can mean loss of income and employment benefits.

Considering the extent to which people's lives can change when they have a serious illness like MS, every day can present challenges. While it may not be possible to make every aspect easier to deal with under these circumstances, people with MS can explore options like disability benefits.

Disability benefits provide financial support to eligible people with disabling conditions that prevent them for working for at least a year. Such support can be a critical source of relief that gives people room to focus on the other ways in which their lives have been affected by MS. To discuss more about SSDI eligibility and the application process, consult an experienced attorney.

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