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What can I expect from the SSDI application process?

Question: About ten years ago, I was in a serious accident. I was hurt pretty bad--in fact they weren't sure I would make it. As a result of that accident, I've been struggling with anxiety and depression and although I have taken two separate leaves of absence from work, the time away is not helping. My counselor has suggested that I apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. What is the process? I have so little energy, I worry about being able to complete it.

Answer: Depression and anxiety can be debilitating conditions. That's one of the reasons the Social Security Administration (SSA) offers benefits for severe mental health conditions. It's clear that people such as you need help just as much as people with physically disabling conditions.

Preparation Helpful for Social Security Disability Hearings

If an Arizona resident of average working age is incapable of engaging in gainful employment tasks due to a physical or mental impairment, he or she may be eligible for certain benefits. The process involved in filing for Social Security Disability benefits is often complex, and not every request is granted. If a particular claim is denied, it may be appealed, and if, upon reconsideration, a second denial is issued, a request for an administrative hearing may be filed.

Chances of success would likely not be very high if a person were to enter hearing with little to no preparation. In fact, without acquiring adequate information ahead of time regarding the process, one might not even understand events as they unfold inside a courtroom. This is why most people choose to enlist the aid of experienced attorneys before heading to court.

4 Application Mistakes That Jeopardize Your Disability Benefits

Suffering from a disabling injury or illness can turn your life upside down. You can be in and out of the hospital, struggling with depression and finding it all but impossible to provide for yourself and your family. This last point can be especially true if you are unable to work.

Under these circumstances, you could be eligible to receive disability benefits from Social Security. These monthly benefits can provide critical support and relief to disabled workers during a very difficult time. However, in order to collect them you must first apply for them, and that can be more problematic than you expect if you make one of the following common application mistakes.

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